The building of a trusting relationship with clients is a goal that goes beyond the implementation of a single project; it becomes a working method, a global partnership and a good daily practice. It also becomes a testimonial.

Centro Reach (Federchimica)

WasteandChemicals supported us with high levels of competence and professionality in assessing the economic impact for the REACH implementation in a group of Italian and European small and medium enterprises. Their study was key in clarifying the needs and difficulties of SMEs to both European and National authorities in charge of REACH enforcement.

Manifattura chimica italiana

WasteandChemicals took care of our problems as if they were their own. It proved its ability to manage complex issues in conflicting environments through the development of customised solutions. The work carried out for us went well beyond technical and financial contract requirements.

Ecopneus Scpa

The range of skills owned by WasteandChemicals is unique and gave us the possibility to receive technical, scientific and legal advice on complex issues.

By entrusting WasteandChemicals, we know we can count on high level experts who are capable of analysing the problems from different perspectives and therefore returning, in addition to the expected solution, a broader and more complete view that is necessary when addressing the issue.

Finally but not less important, the rare and well established attitude with which Wasteandchemicals listen carefully at the client needs makes the latter the first priority over any academic or publication interest.

SpectrumGeo Ltd

We have received a superb service from WasteandChemicals, the company is very professional with a highly competent team. WasteandChemicals have provided an excellent environmental impact assessment and continual support and assistance on environmental permits and legislation.

Pietro Jarre Ex Vice President Golder Associates Corporation

The WasteandChemicals experience on large environmental and reclamation studies is practically unique. We have no hesitation in recommending their advice on the design and implementation of important projects in Italy.

AD Industria Chimica italiana

We are highly satisfied with the training course on waste management held by WasteandChemicals.
The course was very interesting and engaging and it fully addressed all our needs.
Moreover, since they have visited the plant, WasteandChemicals have really helped us solve some critical environmental issues we were not fully aware of. Their help and advice have been crucial.