WasteandChemicals’ knowledge of the best internationally available technologies for the remediation of contaminated sites allows optimisation of costs and timing.

Today, the need to restore sites such as factories, construction zones, and public utility plants, as well as agricultural or craft production areas that may have become contaminated due to work activities or to accidents or spills, has meant that companies in all product sectors are faced with ever-growing compliance requirements. These are with regard to both the environment and to complex regulations that are constantly changing.

The interplay of regulations, intervention times, planning and use of the best suited solutions determines the real success factor in this type of work, which can be much less expensive than it may seem if approached with the right partner.

The remediation of contaminated sites is one of the services at which WasteandChemicals excels, as a result of a continuous analysis of the best available technology adopted at an international level. WasteandChemicals’ experience in this field allows for client support to occur at all stages of the remediation procedures in order to optimise costs and time.

  • Advice for authorisation procedures for the remediation of contaminated sites
  • Design of characterisation plans, preliminary investigations, monitoring and control
  • Environmental risk analysis
  • Design of safety and remediation plans
  • Evaluation of the most suitable technologies and procedures for remediation of the contaminated sites