On December, 19th came into force the new Decree n. 183/2017 (Published in the Italian Official Gazette on December 16th, 2017). This decree implements at National level the provisions of Directive (EU) no. 2193 of 2015 and leads to a deep revision of Title V of Decree 152/2006 (the main Italian Environmental law)
Installations will be subdivided based on their thermal power in three main groups with a specific regulation:

  • Small plants (less than 1 MW) regulated by the EC Directive n. 125/2006 implemented in Italy through the Decree n. 15/2011
  • Medium plants (more than 1 MW but less than 50 MW), disciplined by EU directive n. 2139/2015 implemented in Italy through the Decree 183/2017
  • Large plants (over 50 MW) regulated by EU Directive n. 75/2010 implemented in Italy through the Decree n. 46/2014

The main innovations introduced by the recent law concern the revision of emission limit values, monitoring systems and related sanctions.