Being able to count on WasteandChemicals’ ability to manage all regulatory and legal implications means acting in advance in all aspects related to the production/environment relationship.

Environmental legislation has achieved one of the highest levels of technicality in the legislative field. This means that it is difficult to address environmental issues without a suitable and qualified legal guide. WasteandChemicals is convinced of the ever-increasing importance of combining, in a single product, a careful evaluation of legal aspects with extensive technical-environmental knowledge of regulations and authorisation procedures.

The risks of imperfect environmental compliance go far beyond simple penalties: they can lead to serious consequences for businesses, public authorities and private parties, compromising their reputations more than any other aspect.

This is a key asset (as is clearly seen in the case of the automotive companies involved in the emissions scandal), on which the economic fortunes of very sold multinationals can depend, at least, as long as they do not have to deal with the environmental legislative jungle.

The problem is amplified by the great attention paid by civil society and the media to problems directly or indirectly affecting the environment, in all forms.

In a constantly changing regulatory landscape, companies, organisations and institutions are seeking help in understanding the rules for effectively meeting their obligations at a local, regional, national or international level, aware that everything can change even from one province to another.

To address these needs, WasteandChemicals has created a legal advice service that is supplementary to the technical aspects dealt with in its various sectors of activity.

A team of professionals, firmly grounded in the world of environmental regulations, are ready to help clients assess and minimise the risks involved in the fulfilment of their obligations and provide them with full support for conformity to standards and environmental permit applications.

The aim of WasteandChemicals, in fact, is not only to help them achieve environmental compliance, but also to improve their operational performance. This is because it is now clear, to both investors and stakeholders, that environmental compliance issues are an essential factor in the financial performance of many companies and in assessments by agencies and institutions.

Our technical-legal consultancy team can provide the following services:

  • drafting of views and opinions,
  • regulatory monitoring and updates,
  • supervision of complex authorisation procedures,
  • audit activities to verify regulatory application,
  • management of relations with public authorities,
  • advice in authorisation applications,
  • any type of extra-judicial activities involving the specialist areas of the WasteandChemicals partners.