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New European Court of Justice Judgment on hazardous waste classification


The European Court of Justice has published the Judgment number C-487/17 and C-489/17 in relation to application of precaution principle to hazardous classification. During 2017 the Rome Prosecutor Offices asked to ECJ to explain the meaning of the word “relevant substances” included in the Regulation n. 1357/2014. The ECJ explains that “relevant sustances” aren’t all [...]

Approval of the new model for the annual waste declaration for the year 2019


The Decree of Presidency of Council of Ministries that defines the models for the annual waste declariation (aka MUD) has been pubblished on Italian Official Gazzette on February 22nd. The new deadline for the presentation will be June 22nd, 120 days after the publication of the decree, as defined by the law n. 70/1994 that [...]

EU Parliament: new directive for the plastic goods reduction


The European Parliament has approved at October 24th the new proposal of directive related to the ban to specific plastic good. The proposal includes specific provisions that any member state will adopt. As example, by 2025 at least of 50 % by weight of fishing goods (as plastic nets) shall be collected separately. For [...]

Best Practices for Offshore Wind Facilities

2018-04-05T11:45:04+02:00Environmental assessments|

Hydrocarbon offshore exploitation and wind farms installation could present several impacts on marine species, so the BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management), has recently published the report named “Best Management Practices Workshop for Atlantic Offshore Wind Facilities and Marine Protected Species” ( which collects the main relevant international experiences on the field of marine [...]