The European Court of Justice has published the Judgment number C-487/17 and C-489/17 in relation to application of precaution principle to hazardous classification. During 2017 the Rome Prosecutor Offices asked to ECJ to explain the meaning of the word “relevant substances” included in the Regulation n. 1357/2014. The ECJ explains that “relevant sustances” aren’t all the hazardous substances but the substances that could be present in a waste defined through a decision process that take into account the raw materials and the production process that produced the waste.

The judgment can be downloaded here:;jsessionid=6ABA6BBD22CD06FB3775F01B316F8040?id=C%3B487%3B17%3BRP%3B1%3BP%3B1%3BC2017%2F0487%2FP&oqp=&for=&mat=or&lgrec=en&jge=&td=%3BALL&jur=C%2CT%2CF&dates=%2524type%253Dpro%2524mode%253DfromTo%2524from%253D2019.03.27%2524to%253D2019.03.28&pcs=Oor&lg=&pro=&nat=or&cit=none%252CC%252CCJ%252CR%252C2008E%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252C%252Ctrue%252Cfalse%252Cfalse&language=en&avg=&cid=7021808