One of the services that WasteandChemicals offers producers, importers and users of chemicals is the assessment of the risks associated with all stages of the life cycle of chemicals, so that responsible uses in compliance with the provisions of the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and restriction of Chemicals) regulation are ensured.

The chemical industry is one of the sectors that most affects the global economy and is therefore a central theme in public health and environmental protection.

The arrival on the market of a growing number of new chemicals has fuelled a debate regarding their sustainable use, leading to an increasing need for detailed knowledge of the risks involved.

All too often, national and international news have reported genuine tragedies due to poor management of chemicals that occurred due to failure in complying with regulations or to the lack of EU provision. This need has given rise to the REACH regulation, i.e. the most important and detailed regulation for chemicals of the last twenty years.

What is most significant is that the REACH provisions cover all persons who produce, import, market or use chemicals as part of their business activities. The provisions are applicable to a wide range of companies in various sectors, although not all companies are always aware of the REACH regulation and thus risk facing considerable penalties in the event of inspections by the relevant authorities

In this regard, the experience acquired by the WasteandChemicals experts provides a resource for both the private sector as well as institutions. Such a resource favours the development of an effective system for the management of chemicals, the improvement of production efficiency, and finally the reduction of costs, while simultaneously ensuring full regulatory compliance.

  • Assessment of compliance with the REACH regulation
  • Assistance with preparation of the documents required as part of the various obligations laid down for producers, importers or users of chemicals, and in particular:
    1. Dossiers for the registration of substances
    2. Chemical safety reports
    3. Socio-economic analysis for restriction or authorisation procedures
    4. Assistance with appeals against ECHA decisions
    5. Preparation of Safety Data Sheets for substances and mixtures
    6. Hazard classification of substances and mixtures based on the CLP regulation (EC No. 1272/2008) and the GHS (Globally Harmonised System)