WasteandChemicals relies on the best technical, legal and administrative expertise to guide clients in the management and optimisation of the waste cycle.

A global approach to the management of waste, from municipal to special waste, requires an extensive knowledge of technologies and regulations due to the constant changes of European directives and international standards.

It is now more and more clear that the real objective of every country is to reduce waste production. This scenario is reflected in increasingly complex legislation, where recovery/disposal operations are just individual steps in a process that in every instance requires a professionalism that cannot be improvised.

The technical, legal and administrative expertise of WasteandChemicals is at the service of its clients in order to define the right classification and management of any type of waste, as well as the best remediation techniques. This service is implemented with the certainty of complying with all legal requirements and obtaining the necessary permits, in accordance with current legislation. Furthermore, as a result of its consultancy, WasteandChemicals is able to provide solutions that anticipate regulatory developments and hence make their implementation less costly in the long run.

The services offered for the entire waste management cycle include:

  • Consultancy and updates on environmental legislation
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Assistance with the waste cycle
  • Support in the management of waste treatment plants
  • Training of staff responsible for the proper compilation and management of loading and unloading logs and transportation forms for special waste
  • Assistance with cross-border waste shipment procedures
  • Assessment of technologies and procedures for optimisation of the waste cycle in industrial processes
  • Energy recovery from SSW (solid secondary waste)
  • Assistance with the decommissioning of industrial facilities