WasteandChemicals prepares special monitoring programs based on the client’s specific needs, using state-of-the-art laboratories and innovative sampling techniques.

Methods, legal compliance and shorter response times are the three key factors for companies that need to combine production with safety standard requirements. However, you need to know how to do this, following regulated protocols and using the best technologies available.

It is here that WasteandChemicals comes into play, analysing the client’s individual needs in order to study and create bespoke monitoring plans, selecting the best analysis laboratories and adopting innovative and non-invasive sampling techniques, which allow for precise, documented results in a short time and without putting operations at risk in any production situation.

The application of all available tools allows companies to act in two directions: on the one hand, to contain the risks in the workplace, with a Zero-Accident objective, and on the other, to create an increasingly widespread safety culture that rewards productivity and increases orders.

Safety standards are, in fact, becoming one of the most visible parameters of merit among purchasers and can determine the outcome of contracts and reduce insurance costs.

The efforts of WasteandChemicals involve a range of highly diverse actions and, thanks to their specific technical and legal skills, allow client companies to ensure the highest safety standards.

  • Risk assessment in the workplace
  • Hygiene and safety in the workplace
  • Evaluation of personal protection measures
  • Definition of Operational Safety Plans
  • Planning and execution of occupational exposure monitoring